Week 2: Focus on Awareness in the second week of this cleanse experience

Monday will be the start of our second week in this 21 day detox or cleanse. I'm posting this today, Friday, so that for those of you following along, you can prep this weekend.

Now that you've detoxed for a whole week, you're ready to expand your diet.  As you reintroduce some clean animal proteins and gluten-free grains, notice how you feel.  " Removing food for just a week is often long enough to observe if this food is a match for you or if it causes an adverse reaction."  And if the excitement you felt in week 1 starts to fade, revisit your goals and recommit.

What's on the menu for this week

This week you'll find gluten-free whole grains like quinoa and brown rice and heartier proteins like wild Alaskan salmon and sardines.  Coming off last weeks light fare, you'll begin to build back your strength and feel satisfied.  Cook the grains and make the big-batch breakfast soup ahead.  You'll save yourself time during the week.

Add back

Fish (except shellfish)


fish is key in your second week of cleansing

gluten-free grainsEnergy Bars

Meditation of the week

Think before you eat.  Take five deep, slow breaths before every meal, and give each bite your full attention.

Get moving

The carbs and seafood should lift your energy, so it's time to step up the intensity of your exercise- and step outside.  Being in nature makes working out a pleasure.  Aim to stretch for 10 minutes four mornings a week and complete 30 minutes of cardio at a low or moderate intensity 3 days this week (think walking, hiking or dancing).  But if the goals this week seem too rigorous, simply continue with the moves from last week.

Hydration is key

It's important to get enough fluids during the day but even more so, when cleansing.  Fluids flush toxins and keep hunger at bay.  Start with hot water and a squeeze of lemon, and drink plenty of water all day.


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