We feed people the way that we like to eat- with real food from real people

Organicopia's mission is to buy local, eat seasonal and make great food for the people that we love.

With all of the negative rumblings about pesticides, factory farming and evil seed companies, it's clear that consciousness about our food sources has gone mainstream.

Organic produce means the fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, as well as not being genetically modified. Organic meat and dairy means that the animals used have been fed a diet of grass or organic feed and are allowed access to clean water.

Our partners are mirrors of our food philosophy.

We believe in building relationships with the people who grow our food as well as supporting local mom and pop shops who still believe in keeping it local, community-centric, small and authentic.  Not only do we support our local farmers but we also have close relationships with the purveyors who sell their products.

Leafware.com   is founded on a very simple & basic philosophy " You must be the change you wish to see in the world " ~M.Gandhi
Their mission is to provide sustainable, natural products for the benefit of our planet. They believe in offering choices that reduce society's impact on air, water, and soil now and for future generations.

CSA: We support Marin Sun Farms, Claraville Dairy Farm, Whiskey Hill Farm/ Blume Distillation in Watsonville, Ca, and Morris Family Grass Fed Beef - we've also formed a relationship with our local bee rescuer, Deb Conway- and will soon be fostering bee's on our property.  We practice what we preach and live off the land as much as possible, with our own garden of 10 raised beds for seasonal produce, fruit trees (fig, nectarine, orange, cherry, apple, lemon and lime) and every herb imaginable.

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