Derek Anderson

Cooking Goddess

Our experience with Chef Molly has been nothing short of amazing! If there is a cooking Goddess in the bay area Chef Molly should have this label tattooed on her. Molly is much more than your typical "Chef". Chef Molly Holbrook is an incredible woman that has wonderful insight regarding food and other aligning philosophies which is certainly manifested in her wonderfully prepared meals.

She's wonderful with our family, knows all of the kids' names and she has total freedom in our household to anything she needs to do her job. We totally trust Chef Molly as she is energetic, innovative, courteous, kind, humorous, intelligent, responsive listens very well and is excellent at her craft. She also provides the best value for our family with respect to the costs of organic meals and selections of the highest quality products.

She prepares the menu or confers with us and makes all of the necessary adjustments to the menu if required, goes to a certified organic local market, unpacks, prepares the meals, places them in containers, marks them with contents and cooking instructions and cleans up perfectly. She's a cooking genius and super quality woman that is totally passionate about her craft and it certainly is obvious in the quality and taste of her prepared meals.

There's no one better and you'd better obtain your services before she goes world-wide and will no longer accept any additional clients. Wanna get a taste of her personality and learn something whilst doing so? Click on the link below: FoodyTV Home

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