Relax: Have a little something sweet

Taking a moment for pure enjoyment is an equally important part of a whole-foods diet.  Think of it as nurturing mind, body and soul.  You'll find plenty of delicious options for fruit and chocolate (and more) that just so happen to be wholesome as well.


While fruit is certainly the most obvious "clean eating" dessert, serving it on it's own can feel less than exciting.  All it takes is an inspired approach- and a bit of unexpected texture or another flavor note- for fruit to go from simple to extra-special.


Everyone knows by now that chocolate (with at least 70 percent cacao) is  filled with antioxidants.


Chill out!  A frozen treat doesn't have to mean lots of refined sugar and heavy cream.


Take your pick of textures- crisp and crunchy, soft and chewy, or chunky and nutty.

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