recipes made with love

One of the things Organicopia is known for is intense flavor development, colorful plated presentations and making food as exciting on the plate as it is on the palate. I take recipes from favorite chefs, restaurants and places I've been, practice making them their way- then spin them into my own creative concepts. The results are colorful, bursts of flavor from citrus, fresh herbs and bright seasonal produce. I like to use the freshest, purest ingredients because I hardly need to do anything to them. I let the ingredients speak for themselves. The result is vibrant, full bodied, nutrient dense food that I can share with the people I love. I call my style of cooking, rainbow cooking. I love to use as much color on the plate as possible. It also means my guests, family and friends are getting nutrient packed meals made with love. These recipes taste delicious, but it's because they ARE delicious and nutritious. I know exactly where my ingredients are coming from, I know who is growing my produce on a first name basis and I can go and pet the cows that offer us sustenance. I feel blessed to be able to share these recipes with you. Thank you so much for being a part of the Organicopia family.

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