Organicopia’s Mission, Passion, Love and Purpose

Organicopia: Buy local, eat seasonal and make great food for the people we love. We want to inspire people to get back to our roots, live off the land as much as possible and care about where our food is coming from. Support local farmers, small business owners and build relationships through food.

" I am wild and crazy, passionate and intense. I’m wild about food. I’m crazy about eating and my passion is building relationships with people through food. I believe that I can truly make the world a better place, through food. Do I believe in success? You Bet!!!! Do I want people to know who I am? Heck yeah I do. My goal right now, as I write, is to educate myself and the world, and inspire people with the thought provoking question…. “ If we knew more about our food, would we eat better?”

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