The Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

I'm all about anything natural, real, healthy, organic- and most importantly- HOMEMADE.  Essential oils are one more piece to the puzzle for me.  Please check out this conversation I had with my friend Kelly Jones, from DoTerra International.  I was already a fan, but our conversation helped me truly open my mind to the healing benefits of essential oils.  The past few weeks, I've been making an elixer for my night time bath, I've been diffusing my whole home for restful sleep and applying them topically to help Spicoli sleep through the night.  I've been remembering my dreams, waking up completely refreshed and feeling much more grounded, inspired and present.... could it be a change in the seasons?  Perhaps.  But it may very well be the healing benefits of these so-called oils as well.

 what are the different ways I can apply essential oils?
 ** There are three main ways to use oils. **But I also want to be very clear that I am only talking about Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils** NOT all oils are created equal and some may even contain harmful ingredients, be heavily diluted, or even be synthetic. I’m only talking about doterra's CPTG oils here: 
#1: aromatically - So #1 is aromatically! Just open up a bottle and smell! Rub some in your hands or diffuse oils in a diffuser. Our sense of smell can elicit POWERFUL emotions. I change out the oils in our diffuser depending on the effect I’m looking for. If I want my kids to focus while doing homework, I diffuse frankincense, peppermint and wild orange… but if it’s time for bed I’ll diffuse lavender, cedarwood or vetiver 🙂 
#2: topically - # 2 is topically….This is probably my favorite way to use oils! Use them intuitively… so if your knees hurt, rub the soothing blend on your knees. And this may sound weird… but the bottoms of your feet are one of the best places to apply oils!  Our feet are far less sensitive, and they have some of the largest pores on our body! The oils are quickly absorbed… in as little as 20-30 seconds! It’s also nice if it’s a strong oil… you can just throw your socks on and the scent is hidden 🙂 
#3 internally #3 is to use oils internally! You can cook with oils, put oils in your ice-water, put a drop under your tongue, or even add oils to veggie capsules and take internally.  Citrus oils are super cleansing and powerful, so be sure to ALWAYS use glass or stainless steel. One oil that I use under my tongue each day is Frankincense. It helps me focus, reduce brain fog, and supports my immune system. 
There are SO many uses for essential oils! Three of the most basic oils are Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oil: 
We use lavender for TONS of things in our house. It’s amazing on the skin. We use it for burns, cuts, scrapes, and more. We also diffuse it at night for it’s calming properties. I also love to drop a few drops on our wool dryer balls and place in the dryer… instead of using toxic dryer sheets! 
Lemon oil is known for it’s cleansing properties. I use it in our laundry to get grease stains out of clothes. Or to polish the stainless steel… or to deodorize the garbage disposal. It takes tree sap off of my kids hands or clothes instantly! I also love the cleansing properties when used internally… and I add a drop or two to my ice water each day. 
Peppermint is known for it’s tummy tamer qualities. I also use it to wake me up if I’m tired or diffuse it when my kids need to focus. I love it for fresh breath… or to open up my airways when I’m congested. I also LOVE it in my coffee or chocolate protein shakes!! 
There are so many uses for essential oils… and it’s a constant learning process. I learn new ways to use my oils ALL the time! 

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