Detox Smoothies and Juices

Detox Smoothies and Juices

3 day action plan

Ready for a quick reboot before the holidays?  In just seventy-two hours, you can jump-start your way to a healthier body.  "Nutrients found in colorful plant food drive the process of liver detoxification."  These dishes give your digestive system a rest from processed foods and common allergens.  Loading up on fibrous fruits and vegetables helps remove toxins, which are eliminated by binding to fiber.  Skip your morning coffee and evening glass of wine (both overwork the liver, the organ we're aiming to support); opt for water or herbal tea instead.

Easy Does It

This mini detox is based on a streamlined menu of "big batch" meals so that you can front-load all the work.  yes, you'll be having the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the cleanse, but three days of clean eating " is just the boost your body needs to support digestion and detoxification and to eliminate unwanted cravings."

Tune Out

As much as possible, take a media fast: curtail time spent surfing the web, watching television, and texting and emailing, to give your mind a much needed break, too.

Tune In

Focus on how you feel by building reflective downtime into your day, whether that's meditating, writing in a journal, or taking a walk in nature.


strawberry, lemon and apple smoothie

~ Start your morning with this antioxidant packed smoothie.


Kidney bean, romaine and beet salad

~ Refuel midday with a fiber-filled meal to keep you satisfied through the afternoon.


Carrot, spinach, and green bean soup with dill

~ soothe the stomach with this purifying dish, which also delivers a second serving of nutrition packed leafy greens.


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