Chocolate apricot truffle

chocolate-apricot truffle

chocolate-apricot truffle

I've been known to have a sweet tooth.  I'm also, while pregnant, notorious for midnight snack attacks.  For a few weeks, I went on a pound cake binge.  I made weekly stops at Nothing Bundt Cakes and have now perfected my OWN fabulous Lemon Pound Cake recipe (which I'll happily share with you, should I ever decide to make it again, in the near future..... sorry for the tease)

1 week ago I pledged to myself that I would no longer indulge in processed sugars or flour- for no other reason than I felt like being a little healthier.  I don't have any allergies or dietary restrictions- I'm super fortunate.  Now that I'm into my 6th month of pregnancy, I want to exude self control and feel healthier..... so far, so good.  This recipe I'm sharing with you today comes from my Clean Slate cookbook as INSPIRATION only.  I always tell my clients and have even said it on my blog, a recipe is simply a guideline, it's not set in stone.  I didn't have a few of the ingredients listed, so heck, I made my own version, and gosh darn it, I loved every morsel.  It took about ohhh, I'd say 3 minutes to make and 30 minutes to chill.  The apricots gave this recipe the tartness I crave, while the chocolate provided the buzz and caffeine.  Next time, I won't sprinkle walnuts on top, rather I'll fold them into the chocolate mixture for texture.  Definitely try this out, I think it'll be a staple in your fridge.  Enjoy!


8 oz. dark chocolate (at least 70 percent cacao, I used 100% cacao), chopped

1 c. chopped CALIFORNIA apricots

1 heaping spoonful raw, unfiltered honey

1 tsp. vanilla extract

pinch of sea salt

chopped raw walnuts for garnish


Melt chocolate and honey in double boiler or in microwave for 1 minute.  Stir in the vanilla and sea salt.  Fold in the apricots and feel free to fold in raw walnuts, for texture and crunch.

Line a sheet tray with parchment paper and brush lightly with olive oil, butter or coconut oil.  Mound spoon fulls of the chocolate, apricot mixture onto the cookie sheet, like you would do if you were making cookies.  Sprinkle them with chopped, raw walnuts.

Chill for at least a half hour.

You're gonna love this recipe, I tell ya!  It's such a delightful way to get your antioxidants and a little caffeine buzz, without the crash of refined white sugar and added fat.

I'm in dire need of some luscious desserts without the use of sugar.  If you have any to share, send 'em my way.  We'll swap!  Wishing you a delicious day, from Organicopia's Kitchen to yours.  Cheers to health, wealth and happiness!

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