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Welcome to Organicopia


Chef Molly picking apples

picking apples for pie in the fall

Note From Chef Molly Holbrook:
Hey All! My name is Molly Anne Elizabeth- food fanatic, self made entrepeneur and dreamer of being the NEXT MARTHA STEWART. I love writing, cooking, working (believe it or not) and creating. My goal is to get paid to LIVE. Yup, I want to get paid to do exactly what I do everyday....cook, clean, organize my home, raise my family and express myself creatively. There is no doubt in this heart of mine that I can make that dream a reality.
I've been working on a new web series I named Organicopia: The Total Organic Experience. It will be airing in the early part of 2016 on It's a show based on everything old fashioned, family and home centered. It's a story about slowing down and enjoying time with the people who matter most to us. It's focal point is ALWAYS a warm, home cooked meal to bring people together, but it's also a story about making this house a home. I offer DIY projects, gardening tips, hand crafted gift ideas and community building through supporting mom n' pop shops and local small farmers.
I'm starting this blog as a way to connect on a deeper and more personal level, in hopes of building a community for like minded people. This is a place I hope we can share inspiration, a place to manifest our dreams together, a place to share family traditions, recipes (of course), hand made gift ideas, share our DIY projects around the house and all the while I'm going to be sharing how I'm spending 2016 working towards building a homestead in modern day times (right in the heart of the Silicon Valley).
I want to thank you for stopping by, taking the time to allow me to introduce myself and to be a part of this exciting new chapter I'm about to embark upon. I'd love for you to join me 🙂
Wishing you a bright and beautiful day!