I have a passion for cooking and living well. There are two things that will bring human beings together any where in the world. One is a smile, the other is good food.

Molly Bravo

Chef Molly Bravo

Chef Molly Bravo, fishing in the SF Bay

Molly Bravo, Executive Chef/Owner of Organicopia graduated from the prestigious California Culinary Academy at Cordon Bleu accredited institution in 2005. Chef Bravo has had a passion for cooking and entertaining since she was very young.  At the age of 24, her culinary journey took off, working as a private chef and caterer. She has dazzled her guests with creative and delicious cuisine and is quickly gaining a reputation around the Bay Area for her genuine hospitality and love of her craft.

Chef Bravo believes in buying local, eating seasonal and most importantly- making great food for the people she loves.

Organicopia is on a mission: I want to be a household name by 2017. I want to have my own TV show, I want to write cookbooks, kids cookbooks, build relationships through food and explore the world while doing my part to make this planet a better...