• Catering & Personal Chef Services
    Preparing a unique list of flavorful dishes for each individual client, Organicopia Catering Services create memorable menus that are both healthy and delicious. Using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, Organicopia chef and owner Molly Holbrook incorporates seasonal ingredients into savory works of culinary art.
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    Interested in seeing if Organicopia is available to cater your next party? Fill out this simple online form and we'll connect with you to make your dream event a reality.
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    Want to see Molly in action? View the latest news and catch Chef Holbrook on FoodyTV.com as she takes you step by step through creating your own organic culinary masterpiece.


Thank you to all my supporters for donating to help bring Organicopia to life.  Because of your support and love, we just completed our first season of filming Organicopia:  The total Organic Experience! Many, many thanks- for helping make Organicopia a household name- and for BEING part of the Organicopia family!